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Applied Technologies for protective coatings
on cheese rinds and cured meat surfaces
The most advanced solutions
for the prevention and fight against mould



An aqueous polymeric emulsion of esters of acetic acid and fatty acids of food fats, usually prepared without the addition of preservatives.

The protective covering not only acts as a barrier against external agents and contaminants, but also reduces the loss of moisture content.

CIP VAM also imparts a uniform straw-yellow colour to the rind or surface, thereby improving the cheese/cured meat natural appearance. CIP VAM comes in two versions, for edible and inedible rinds.


Treatment is by immersion, spraying or spreading; can be applied by hand or by automatic coating machines. Each type of treatment has a corresponding suitable product formulation.

CIP VAM barrels must be kept sealed and stored in a cool, dry place away from any source of heat, preferably at temperatures between +5°C and +20°C . When adequately sealed and stored, CIP VAM remains stable for approx. 6 months from its production date.

Barrels of 25Kg – 50 Kg