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Applied Technologies for protective coatings
on cheese rinds and cured meat surfaces
The most advanced solutions
for the prevention and fight against mould



An aqueous polymeric suspension that prevents mould and contains active ingredients capable of inhibiting moulds formation and development on cheese and cured meat surfaces. Different product formulations correspond to different protection requirements over time.

The residual coating film is invisible and allows complete air passage and moisture flow.

MICROCIP is the anti-mould concentrate that diluted with water in varied amounts delivers different product formulations that correspond to different protection requirements over time. Instructions for use are provided with the product.


Treatment is carried out by fully immersing the whole cheese round in Microcovering, either manually or by machine. This treatment ensures the complete coverage of the whole cheese surface with the anti-mould product in a single operation.
MICROCIP is the Microcovering anti-mould concentrate that needs to be diluted with water according to the instructions for use.

Microcovering and Microcip jerrycans must be kept sealed and stored in a cool, dry place away from any source of heat. When adequately sealed and stored, Microcovering and Microcip remain stable for approx. 6 months from their production date. Their use within 60 days from their production date reduces the risk of diminished or insufficient efficacy due to gradual deterioration of its active ingredients.

Jerrycans of 10 Kg – 30 Kg