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Applied Technologies for protective coatings
on cheese rinds and cured meat surfaces
The most advanced solutions
for the prevention and fight against mould



CIP Ltd is able to develop eco-friendly protective coatings deriving from renewable and biodegradable ingredients obtained from plants. CIP Ltd products’ ecological sustainability is the result of the company’s long term commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, by means of constantly researching eco-friendly materials and delivering solutions aimed at both improving food safety and providing high quality sustainable products.

Our broad product range includes Parafluid Natural, a new type of product that lends the cheese a pleasing natural look appearance and is specifically formulated to reduce plastic use, as well as protect cheese quality.

Amongst our new products, EDICOAT FOOD is an entirely edible and natural coating, made of specifically selected plant-based raw materials and natural flavourings, which impart colour and flavour to the treated foods’ surface and are free from GMOs and allergens. EDICOAT FOOD is formulated with different degrees of viscosity to satisfy varied application requirements.

With regard to our waxes, CIP Ltd, in exclusive collaboration with Paramelt B.V., has developed Paradip Nowax™, a plant-based wax for cheese. Cheese wax coatings offer advantages both from functional and marketing viewpoints:
○ Inhibit mould growth
○ Preclude weight and moisture loss
○ Reduce product damage during transportation
○ Block aerobic cheese ripening
○ Improve product aesthetics
○ Extends cheese preservation.